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White Privilege and The Path Forward

White privilege is ability to disassociate myself with the fact that I am white, because on a daily basis I can live my life without thinking about the color of my skin. The history of slavery, racism and tactics used by our own government to imprison, improvise and mentally enslave Black Americans make them, to this day, ever conscious of their skin color. I truly believe in Cell Memory. The science is there. That means beyond the obvious conscious trauma that Black Americans may walk around with, there is subconscious trauma lingering like a cancer that is passed down, generation to generation if it's not slowly addressed and that chain broken. These chains of slavery bind us all. Not only by color. But as Americans who ARE essentially good people, who love democracy, cherish the republic and no mater what bias we may have, want freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When slave owners, both white and black were forced to free their slaves, many of those s

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